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Spring Gardening Tips

Growing annuals like zinnias, marigolds, and tomatoes from seed is easy and economical. The exact time to start seeds varies with the plant and with your location. In general, it’s about six weeks before the date of the average last frost in your area. Seed catalogs and packages usually list the number of weeks needed
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Fall Home Maintenance

Take this opportunity to check out your exterior doors to determine if they are leaking cold air. While outside, survey your home’s exterior walls and look for weather-related cracks or crumbling mortar. Wood trim and siding also can suffer from weather worn paint and may have become loose, as can windowsills. Inspect your roof carefully
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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Decorations Use only non-combustible and flame-resistant materials to trim a tree. Choose tinsel and artificial icicles of plastic and non-leaded metals. Never use lighted candles on a tree or near other evergreens. Always use non-flammable holders, and place candles where they will not be knocked down. In homes with small children, take special care to
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