Storm Repair

Did your home receive damage from the recent storms?
Let Encore Property Services, a divison of Neal McGee Homes help you!

With over 30 years in the business, we have top notch roofing and guttering contractors on call. No Fancy Gimmicks, just Quality Work.
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Dear Homeowner,
Your home may have incurred severe damage from the storm systems that moved through the Metro Area recently. You may notice “bruises” or dark spots in your roof where the granules on the shingle have been displaced and the asphalt underlayment is now exposed. Even if your roof has only sustained granular loss without significant bruising, your roof is still susceptible to the damaging effects of granular loss, which exposes any of the underlayment causing an alteration of the fire rating and deceleration of the roof’s actual performance level.

What should you do?
Any time your home endures a hail storm, you should immediately call your insurance company. Many roofs don’t get replaced because homeowners never file their claims, because they honestly believe they have no damage. Next, give us a call at Encore Properties, a division of Neal McGee Homes and we will schedule a time with you to come out and inspect your home.

Why Choose Encore Properties?
We are not just a roofing company that has set up shop due to the storms. As part of Neal McGee Homes, we have been in homebuilding business for over 30 years. We, along with our team of qualified contractors are able to fix any part of your home that was damaged including gutters, trim, windows, screens, and sprinkler heads. Doesn’t it make sense to deal with one qualified company instead of multiple businesses? We are Certified Professional Builders, members of The Central Oklahoma Home Builder’s Association and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau; you can put your trust with Neal McGee Homes.

We invite you to give us a call today at 405-216-0098 to schedule a consult and to receive an estimate, have questions feel free to contact Bret Robinson at 405-473-0454. We’ll be more than happy to meet with your insurance adjuster as well to make sure that your home is fully restored!