Why Custom Build

On the fence about custom building ? Concerned about the economic gloom and doom that haunts us every time we turn on the Television or pick up the paper. Well hurry up now is a great time to make a move for several reasons! As a home buyer you are able to capitalize on the current economic state, while also helping stimulate our local economy! History has shown that great wealth can be achieved in real estate during a down economy.

  • Everyone know that interest rates are historically low, but let’s put it into perspective… a few years ago people panicked when rates dropped to 6%, it was unheard for them to be that low! For $2500 a month at 6% interest you can afford a principal and interest payment on $417,000. At 4% interest you can afford a $524,000 house- that is a lot more house for the money!
  • Number of new starts in Oklahoma City is down 13% from last year which was significantly lower than previous years according to NHBA housing data; which means less work contractors- so they are willing to work for less money. Thus giving you a better deal
  • Decreasing number of home sites to choose from: The number of new additions being developed has slowed tremendously over the last couple of years; so has the number of desirable lots. New Development Price sheets show significant price increases, due to the projected shortage.
  • Majority of the time when you custom build the home appraises for more than you total investment giving you equity in it from the beginning.

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